Novem Medical Leadership

Precision Engineers:

Meet our precision engineers, the backbone of Novem. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, they drive the precision that defines our products.

Quality Assurance Specialists

Ensuring every product meets and exceeds industry standards, our quality assurance specialists meticulously uphold the integrity and reliability of our manufacturing processes.

Visionary Designers

Our visionary designers bring concepts to life. Creativity meets functionality as they craft solutions that push the boundaries of medical manufacturing.

Innovators in Technology

At the forefront of technological advancements, our team of innovators ensures Novem remains a pioneer in adopting cutting-edge technologies for unmatched efficiency and quality.

Meet the Novem Medical Team: Architects of Precision

Welcome to the heart of Novem Medical, where expertise, innovation, and dedication converge to shape the future of medical manufacturing. Our team is a collective force of professionals, each contributing a unique skill set and passion for excellence.

Meet the Leadership Team

Enrique Castro

Operations Manager and Founder

Luis Gutiérrez

QA&RA Manager and Founder

Jose Luis García

Engineering Manager

Karen Aguirre


Natali Sánchez


Francisco Jaral

Maintenance and Automation Manager

Viridiana Santaella

Human Resources
Novem Medical: Precision architects, united in passion and innovation, shaping the future of medical manufacturing.
Enrique Castro
Operations Manager and Founder
Collaboration and Creativity

Novem thrives on collaboration and creativity. Our open and dynamic culture fosters an environment where ideas flourish, and every team member has a voice.