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At Novem precision at all processes are achieved through DOE in all manufacturing process during the process development, six sigma implementation and continuous process improvements during the life of the product


Novem brings unmatched engineering knowledge to the table, with experts with more than 15 years on the medical devices manufacturing, that goes from quality assurance, medical regulatory compliance, manufacturing and process improvement, design and equipment development


Novem's services, from design to production, embody excellence. Rigorous quality controls, custom solutions, and a relentless pursuit of perfection define our commitment.

Novem Medical: Precision, expertise, excellence—crafting visions to perfection.
Jose Luis García
Engineering Manager

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Jose Luis García

Engineering Manager

Contract Manufacturing Excellence: Your Vision, Our Precision

Welcome to Novem Medical, your gateway to unparalleled contract manufacturing services. As industry leaders, we take pride in transforming concepts into reality with precision and expertise. Explore our comprehensive offerings that redefine excellence in contract manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing Services

  • FFS Packaging: Providing end-to-end packaging solutions with a focus on Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) technology to ensure efficiency and product integrity.
  • Sterile Packaging: Implementing rigorous procedures to guarantee the sterility of packaged products, meeting the highest hygiene standards.
  • Sterilization: Utilizing advanced sterilization methods to eliminate microorganisms, ensuring the safety and compliance of medical products.
  • Ultrasonic Welding: Employing ultrasonic vibrations to create strong and precise bonds between materials, enhancing product durability.
  • RF Welding: Fusion of materials using radiofrequency energy, ensuring secure and durable seals for various applications.
  • Electromechanical Assemblies: Integrating electronic and mechanical components seamlessly to create reliable and functional assemblies for diverse applications.
  • Pad Printing: Applying customized prints with precision on 3D surfaces, allowing for branding and product identification.
  • Die Cutting: Employing precision cutting techniques for materials, ensuring accurate and tailored components for packaging.
  • Plastic Corona Treatment: Enhancing adhesion properties by preparing plastic surfaces through corona treatment, optimizing bonding in assembly processes.
  • UV Adhesive Bonds: Utilizing ultraviolet light to cure adhesives, creating strong and efficient bonds for various applications.
  • Leak Testing: Rigorous testing procedures to detect and prevent leaks, ensuring the integrity of sealed products.
  • Flow Testing: Assessing and optimizing fluid flow characteristics in products, crucial for applications with specific fluid dynamics requirements.
  • Laser Marking: Precise surface marking using laser technology for product identification, serialization, and branding.
  • Solvent Bonds: Forming secure bonds between components using solvent-based adhesives, suitable for specific material combinations.
  • Adhesive Gluing: Applying advanced adhesive bonding techniques to create durable and reliable connections in product assemblies.
  • Sewing for Medical Devices: Utilizing specialized sewing techniques for the assembly of medical devices, ensuring precision and compliance with industry standards.
  • Aging Studies: Conducting comprehensive studies to evaluate product durability and performance over extended periods.
  • Stabilization Studies: Assessing and ensuring the stability of products under various environmental conditions to meet quality standards.
  • Heat Staking: Forming connections through controlled heat application, ensuring secure and consistent bonds in assembly processes.
  • Heat Stamping: Imprinting products with precision using heat application, allowing for clear and durable markings.


Our commitment extends beyond manufacturing. Partner with us for engineering services that optimize your processes:

  • Kaizen: Continuous improvement for operational efficiency.
  • 7S: Streamlining workspaces for enhanced productivity.
  • SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die): Reducing setup times and enhancing flexibility.
  • Rework and Sorting Materials: Addressing quality issues effectively.
  • Consulting Services (DHR, 6 Sigma, IRCA ASQ-CQe):
    • Device History Record (DHR) for regulatory compliance.
    • Implementing Six Sigma methodologies for efficiency and defect reduction.
    • Consulting on International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) and American Society for Quality – Certified Quality Engineer (ASQ-CQe) for quality management.

Why Choose Novem for Contract Manufacturing?

  • Precision Redefined: Our state-of-the-art facilities and strict quality controls ensure precision at every stage.

  • Comprehensive Services: From design to production, our services cover the entire spectrum of contract manufacturing.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored services to meet your unique requirements, ensuring your vision comes to life.

  • Quality Assurance: Adherence to international standards and rigorous quality assurance protocols.

  • Engineering Excellence: Beyond manufacturing, our engineering expertise optimizes processes for sustained success.

Choose Novem Medical as your partner in contract manufacturing, where precision meets innovation. Contact us today to discuss how our tailored solutions can elevate your vision and product to new heights.

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